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{ro} Google in Bucuresti January 26, 2007

Posted by Catalin Zorzini in net, ro, tech.

Asa cum se discuta prin bloguri, probabil Google isi va deschide un birou in Romania.
Dar, totusi… e cineva care ar vrea sa lucreze in campusul de mai sus?
Update: CNN a publicat lista cu cele mai bune companin care merita sa lucrezi.



1. Alex Mielus - February 14, 2007

Yes. I envy the people that work at Google. Google’s philosophy is pretty much like Apple’s one and it’s reduced to this: “Having fun, even being entertained … while working”.

Do I give a shit on how much money Google is making? No … IF I’m happy with my salary (suppose I work there, then I’d be happy), my work and my life then wtf …

I’m not saying now that you can’t be happy working in Romania at some major company. I’m just saying that Google experience is … different.

And yes. You can be damn sure I’ll apply at a Google job IF they will be opening an office in Romania 🙂

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